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Kung Fu San Soo

Chula Vista California

Since 1979

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November 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

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September 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

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F.A.S.T. Power® Learning System

©Richard Dinsmore

       Historically Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung and its cousin art Choy Lay Fut had been taught more quickly than other traditional Chinese martial arts, usually in response to war time needs. As a result these fighting arts became highly refined and practical. 

       Over the past three and half decades of teaching hundreds of students, dozens of black belts and two generations of masters Sifu Dinsmore has adhered to that spirit of instruction of this ancient fighting style without altering the art or the way it was taught by Chin Siu Dek, while creating a teaching method unique to our association that combines strong foundation with the spontaneous application of effective techniques. 

        As a result our students learn quickly and progress rapidly while remaining among the very best in the art. Our method continues to draw serious students of all ranks and experience from around our city, county and country and our association is now represented in six states and Costa Rica. 

        We are very proud of our San Soo family. Join us!