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Since 1979

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Jimmy H. Woo's Kung Fu San Soo

Posted by kungfusansoochulavista on September 15, 2014 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (11)

This past Sunday was the birthday of Chin Siu Dek the Grandmaster commonly known as Jimmy H. Woo. Although he wasn't really sure of his exact age, it is generally believed that Losifu would have been 100 if he had lived.

Remembering that San Soo as Jimmy taught it was his personal family style and that he shared it with us freely, one good way to honor his memory is to follow his request that we always " teach it the way we were taught it."

Nothing ignites a spirited debate among San Soo people like mentioning the relative merits of the so called "old style" versus the so called " new style" and I am not trying to provoke any arguments here, they have all been heard too many times already.  In my opinion the arguments do a disservice to the art and confuse newer students.  It is important to remember that Jimmy said San Soo is not a style, it is a technique, a training technique of freestyle practice that we simply call working out.  Every Chinese kung fu style has its san soo, our actual style is Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung, or simply Tsoi Li Ho, depending on who you ask.

I have been priviledged to personally train many excellent "new style" black belts and masters in the intricacies of the old style, and everyone of them who had an open mind came away with better, more powerful executions and understandings of what they were already doing by adding a more circular motion and more sophisticated angles. Generally speaking the old style is for initiating combat and closing the gap and when used properly it is unsurpassed among all the martial arts of the world.  Specific, commonly occurring real-world combat and conflict situations and scenarios require a mastery of the new style, unsurpassed in its own way.

Taken together they comprise the greatest martial art the world has ever known.  If we are to preserve that nearly invincible art we must wisely embrace the entire immeasurable gift bestowed by our ancestors. 

Jimmy told us once that "When i die, pretty soon no more San Soo."  A great way to pay respect and honor to the Master who gave us this art would be to stop arguing and be about our Master's business of preserving and spreading his life changing art.

Please...keep the discussion positive!